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One Life AdventureS

Videos I created for the group adventure travel company One Life Adventures to showcase highlights of their tours.

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"YACHT" Racing in detroit

​Welcome to the annual Hamtramck Yacht Club Races. Residents race their homemade "boats" down the street while the city's residents turn the street into a river by any means necessary. 

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AMERcians in india - series

When your Indian friend offers to show you around his country, you go! In my first extended daily vlog I take you on my nine day journey through India. I decided to shoot everyday so that nothing would be held back. I give you India, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

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morocco - a journey into the sahara

Did you know you can take a bus from Spain to the Morocco, Africa? Well you can and we did! Come along with me on what is to this day my most fun filled day of travel yet. We go glamping, 4x4 racing and camel riding in the beautiful but brutal Sahara Desert

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one minute in the Mediterranean

​Have a minute to spare? Then follow me to summertime in the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean. As we travel from place to place I attempt to capture the essence of each location in under 60 seconds. 

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the fairytale of budapest

​Join me and my friends in Budapest as we tour the city, discover amazing views straight out of Cinderella, and dance in plazas.

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irish cliffs of insanity

Join Ellie, Rollie and me as we checkout Dublin and the surrounding cities, then take a bus across Ireland to the incredible Cliffs of Moher.

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south spain roadtrip

We took a bus from Madrid to three cities in Andalucia, which is the southern region of Spain. Join my friends and I as we explore Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada.

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