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Show them you are
worth paying for!

with a professional


The best selling tool you can use to let potential clients know exactly who you are and what you have to offer.


Convert followers into clients with a strategic reel showcasing your coaching style, client testimonials, industry expertise and unique personality.


Start standing out as a professional speaker and booking paid event contracts.


You can’t expect event organizers to hire you as a speaker or author to speak on stage if they can’t see you in action. Show them the unique offering you will bring to their audience while showing off your skills, industry expertise and speaking style.

Examples of my Reel work

The Process

Step 1

Book a free :20 min consultation call with me where we will talk video strategy to get clear on how the assets you already have can showcase your style and vision.

Once you decide you are ready to level up your business, collect all of the footage, testimonials and media assets you need - based on my Sizzle Reel Checklist.

Once you pay the deposit, I go to work creating you an original, engaging reel created to deliver results. I will send back to you within 2-3 weeks for your feedback.

You start booking the high paying clients or speaking events of your dreams!

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

What if I'm not sure I have enough existing assets to create a great reel?


A lot of the time we can create something amazing out of a lot less than you think. Even if you’re not sure, go ahead and book the consultation call and I’ll be happy to let you know if you have enough for us to work with and if not, help you figure out what more you could get that’s doable for you in the near future.

REEL COST - $2,500 usd

$850 deposit to be paid before editing begins

$1,650 balance to be paid after final video approval


- Full HD 2-4 minute video 

- Optimized, designed thumbnail that people can't help but click on.

- Up to 5 revisions (I don't want you happy with your reel, I want you         thrilled and excited to share it with the world!

- Access to my vast stock music, stock video and stock photo library        for use in your video at ZERO extra cost to you.

- You choose if you would like your video horizontal or vertical.

   (Option to have both for a $150 add on.)

Invest in yourself and your business.
start landing high paying speaker gigs and coaching clients with your professional reel.

shoot me an email!


To book your FREE :20 min consultation call now! I’ll give you my honest opinion on if you have enough and high enough quality assets to create a sales converting reel. If you don’t I’ll advise you on which assets you can work on gathering to get yourself ready.

Let's create something amazing together!

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