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Mackinac Island Michigan Day Trip!

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Visiting Mackinac Island in Michigan. Mackinac Island is a small island located in the straights of Mackinac, where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron between the lower and upper peninsula of Michigan in the USA. It is a very popular vacation spot especially for locals and people from the surrounding mid-west of the United States.

There are no cars allowed on the island so everyone must travel by foot, bicycle or horse and buggy. There is also no bridge to the island and it is only accessible by ferry from the mainland.

Popular things to do on the island are to take a bike ride around the 8.5 mile perimeter, visit the beautiful and historic Grand Hotel and the taste the famous Mackinac Island Fudge at one of the island’s many fudge shops.

We went just as things were beginning to open back up from COVID-19 lockdown so not everything was open but we were still super happy to get out of the house. The island did a pretty decent job as far as Corona Virus distancing and asking people to wear masks inside of all buildings.

If you have any questions about visiting the Island yourself leave me a comment on here or on YouTube and I'll get you some more info!

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