One of your primary questions is most likely, "how much will this cost?" Fair question! Please reach out and I'll let you know my hourly rate. Below are a few sample videos and the final hours I billed to complete the video. These are all footage shot from clients that I edited and added stock footage and custom motion graphics.

As you'll see, a general rule is the more graphics heavy, the more time it takes.

Fully animated graphic explainer video. I wrote the script and recorded the female voice over. This included 2 client requested revisions

15 hours

Client-shot footage, custom motion graphics, stock footage. The time below is with no revisions.

7.5 hours

Video I edited consisting of client-shot footage, stock images and simple graphics. This included 3 client requested revisions

6.5 hours

Client-shot footage, and custom motion graphics. This included 2 client requested revisions

10.5 hours

Slideshow consisting of client provided photos and videos with custom titles. This time included 3 client revisions.

17.5 hours

Slideshow, similar as above but with photos only and using a pre-made iPhoto template for the images. (photos only will take less time and give me the ability to use a template from iPhoto which greatly cuts down on time. This time included 2 client revisions.

9 hours